Jeff White

West Valley
City Council

The Time is Right
for Jeff White

Your Money Should Stay Your Money
The 18% tax increase two years ago couldíve been avoided. Iím a professional problem solver and this tax burden is a problem. My skills and ideas will prevent property tax increases and maintain services.
Our WVC Police Department
Our police force is an essential service WVC provides. Community trust in our department has suffered from recent events. Iím dedicated to restoring trust in our Police Department.

Why I'm Running

In WVC we face huge challenges and my skill set uniquely qualifies me to tackle these challenges.

As your representative, Iíll proactively work to restore the trust in our Police Department. My ideas will prevent property tax increases. Iíll identify and eliminate waste. Iíll fight oppressive ordinance enforcement while creating incentives for home improvement.

Iím a professional problem solver. I like people. I listen and understand your concerns. I create win-win situations. In my career in R&D I eliminate waste and save hundreds of thousands while maintaining or improving our customerís quality of services.

Iím dedicated to improving our cityís image. Restoring trust in our police, keeping more money in your pocket and creating incentives for property improvements all combine to enhance our lifestyle.

Our Cityís Image
Ask yourself, ďHas our cityís tough stance on ordinance violations improved our cityís image?Ē The honest answer is "no". Iím dedicated to improving that image. Iíll work to stop punishing homeowners and instead create incentives for home improvement.
The Hotel, the E-Center, Utopia, etc.
Our Government was created to support citizens in capitalist enterprises so we could prosper. Iíll oppose any venture where the citizens are used to support Government backed capitalist ventures.

Your Money Should Stay
In Your Pocket

ďLive your life so that your children can tell their children that you not only stood for something wonderful -- you acted on it
-- Dan Zadra
ďFreedom is actually a bigger game than power.
Power is about what you can control.
Freedom is about what you can unleash
-- Harriet Rubin